Thursday, December 19, 2013

Author Interview - Ramz Artso @RamzArtso

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Who is your publisher?

I am my own publisher, as I’m an indie author.

Why did you choose to write this particular book?

Because, as a Harry Potter and Twilight fan, I felt that the market is lacking that special, magical touch to it. I asked myself, what would someone like me like to read, and I came up with the Peter Simmons series.

How do you promote this book?

I use social networks and ask book reviewers to check out my book.

Will you write others in the same genre?

Yes, I most definitely will write others in the same genre, which is young-adult. I’ve also got a lot of paranormal romance coming up.

Is there a message in your novel you want readers to grasp?

In my entire Peter Simmons series – yes. I want readers to understand that we, as sapient beings, have to have enough sense to support each other and concentrate on our similarities not differences. If we accomplish that, we will be much stronger and happier, as a global society.


Peter Simmons thinks he is an ordinary boy, before he is abducted by a man with certain special abilities, learns of his inescapable destiny, befriends immortals and becomes famous wordlwide. Why? Because Peter Simmons is mankind’s last hope for survival.

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Genre – Young-adult, Action and Adventure, Coming of Age, Sci-fi

Rating – PG-13

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