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Will Shakespeare and the Ships of Solomon by Christopher Grey #AmReading #Action #BookClub

Flabbergasted that the only person she trusted was now leaving her, Dorothy stared back at him with wide, unblinking eyes. His smile passed over genuine affection to her and softened the blow. Could this secret soldier actually admire her? Probably not. In any case, it wasn’t the proper time to consider such things. After all, they’d only just met and were at the moment captured on a train by fundamentalist Catholic warriors bent on destroying world history.

She was growing accustomed to the lifestyle. Although jarring at first, regular use of firearms, vigilance, and murder were becoming everyday activities. Before long, she’d be creeping down corridors with pistols, barking orders at someone. It would be very difficult going back to a regular life now ... if she ever made it back.

The notion that this might be it for her had crossed her mind more than once in the past couple of days. Even now she saw no way out of their current predicament. Blind trust in an eccentric stranger was never a good and stable path to safety. In fact, she’d done everything wrong. All those instinctive things and even the things she’d learned had been violated from the very start. The only way through was to numb herself, and she’d done such a good job of that she’d hardly felt a spark of emotion since the cavern.

Thoughts of Oak Island sent her mind to Bermuda. She wondered how her father and sister were doing. They’d expected her back by now and would surely be worried about the imminent approach of the hurricane. Probably already stocked up, her father would have put the supplies in their waterproof shelter beneath the house. They’d spent many a hurricane season down there, listening to the radio and harboring other Bermudans who were less fortunate. Although the swells were certainly a concern—one bad season the shelter was actually submerged for three days—her father had built the shelter mainly for hurricane-induced tornadoes. In a small island home, they stood no chance against winds that strong and barely a chance against standard hurricane winds. Her father’s house had stood up to 100-mile-an-hour winds before, but this hurricane would certainly challenge that.

She knew that if they didn’t get back within five days, the winds would be too strong to return there at all. Even if they left from New York the next day, it would take three days to reach Bermuda. They couldn’t handle very many more delays. Once the storm hit, whatever it was Will needed would be forever lost, and she wouldn’t be able to return home for at least a couple more weeks. And if it was, in fact, the Holy Grail ... then ...

Dorothy was idly reflecting on Bermuda when the door flung open with such fervor she leapt back into the corner of the cabin.


In the fall of 1947, Will Shakespeare saw the world collapse around him. Shakespeare, a secret soldier for the Knights Templar, barely escapes the slaughter of his entire knighthood at the hands of a rogue militant arm of the Vatican in a small Montreal church. With orders to escort Templar business associate Dorothy Wilkinson back to her home in Bermuda, Will must locate and rescue the most important secret treasure in human history before it is devoured by a hurricane in the watery caves beneath her father's property. The spiraling quest sends Will and Dorothy into uncovering dark secrets that make up the origins of the knighthood as they confront the traps and puzzles that masterfully protect the world's most coveted treasure.

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